What is your pet policy?

Each pet (maximum of 2 per household) must be applied for separately. Proof of current flea prevention is mandatory as well as a picture of you with your pet. Once approved, there is a nonrefundable Initial Pet Fee per pet and a $25 per month pet fee for one, $50 per month for two. Small caged animals can often be approved without an additional cost, although some exceptions include ferrets and bunnies.

What happens once my application is submitted?

We need the application fee before we can process your application. Processing applications is first come first served, so if you submit your application on a Tuesday without the app fee, a different applicant who submits both their application AND app fee on Wednesday would jump ahead of you.

How quickly will I know if my application has been approved?

Once you’ve submitted your application AND application fee, generally you’ll know within 24 hours. In some circumstances, it could take longer.

Will you hold a vacant property for me if I’m unable to move in right away?

If your application has been approved and you’ve put down a deposit with a signed lease, we can sometimes hold the property vacant up to 2 weeks before you’d be responsible for paying rent. This is on a case-by-case basis so please inquire and we will see what we can do.

We cannot hold properties without a deposit, nor can we hold properties for more than 2 weeks.

Do you offer a lease term shorter than 1 year?

This is occasionally an option we are willing to consider but may require an increased monthly rent. Call to inquire about the specific property you have in mind.

Will my credit report and score prevent me from being approved?

Rest assured, that is not the only factor we look at during the approval process. However, a bad credit score could contribute to application denial if other factors are also unfavorable.

I’m a student. Can I pay by semester when my loans come in instead of monthly?

Most-likely yes. We work with students as much as possible with their unique payment situations. This may require a guarantor to sign off with you and/or formal proof of the loan money to come. Please give details about your income situation on your application.

How long is the lease signing and what takes place?

We ask everyone to block out 2 hours for the lease signing and an additional 30 minutes to go to the property with our property manager (if lease signing and move-in are the same day). Groups of 4 or more may take longer, whereas a single person may take less time.

During the lease signing, we will review the terms of the lease together to ensure your understanding and peace of mind in our company policies and processes prior to signing off. Immediately after your lease signing (or on move-in day once keys are received), our property manager will go to the property with you to show you the location of important safety features, air filters, and to take pictures of you (and your group, if applicable) in each room to show the condition upon lease commencement.

Do I need a cosigner (AKA guarantor)?

Here are some instances when you may need a cosigner/guarantor:

You have bad credit.

You have not established credit.

You are moving cities and don’t yet have a job.

A person other than yourself is committing to paying rent for you.

Do you accept cash?

NO CASH is accepted

What are the consequences of breaching my lease (moving before the lease term ends)?

The Last Month’s Rent and Security Deposit paid upfront are both forfeited. You are responsible for rent for all months in the lease term until we get the property re-rented, at which time we will relieve you of further obligation to your lease.